I work as coach, strategic adviser and sounding board, convenor, and companion, for those who seek to create lasting change, whether that is in themselves, in their teams and networks, in the organisation as a whole, or in the system in which the organisation plays a part.

By Judah Passow

I design and deliver stand alone workshops and events. I'm on a number of leadership coaching panels. And from time to time I take on longer term interim roles. 

I left NatWest in 1997, after a career in finance, exchange traded derivatives and operational risk, to set up a radical new consultancy. Since then I've taken on challenges at pretty much every level of the in a huge variety of cultural settings. Whether expressing the personal narratives of postal workers, going on mission with the World Health Organisation, running a strategy season for a museum, or strategising for multinational leaders and their organisational development teams, I know what it takes to translate strategy into collective action. I'm committed to making sure that those affected by the change get a say in how it unfolds. For more than two decades, I've worked and written, in depth, in  the fields of knowledge management, organisational transformation, collaboration and narrative approaches. 

Playing oboe and cor anglais in amateur music ensembles takes up much of my spare time, and I volunteer in a local authority bereavement befriending service.

Victoria Ward Limited was born in 2017, first as a home for  research, writing and ad hoc collaborations with others. More recently I've moved here full time.

You'll find a selection of projects from the last two decades or so here.